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Optimising Through Your Water and Nutrition

Harmonize your own life frequencies.

The ever present, invisible, radiation from Electro Magnetic Waves interfere with our body’s natural processes ...

Add some taste to drinks and foods

When using the Vitalizing Card or even its recharging Phone App directly on any beverages or liquids, nearly everyone notices ...

Minimise the effects from electrical radiation

Electromagnetic radiation and their derived frequencies (EMFs) are silent and invisible pollutants, which surround us in our...

Lessens environmental disharmony

Environmental disharmony caused by the interference from negative frequencies also implode to drinking water...

Introducing the World First Vitalizing Card with recharging and boosting optimization mobile phone application.

YES there is a product that can enhance YOU, your energy, your drinking liquids and all of your food.
By reducing the cellular and physical stress caused from invisible environmental electromagnetic pollutants.

They Say About the Vitalizing Card

Learn More About the Vitalizing Card

Vitalizings Card 8

The perfect Beauty Application

Optimize your skin with the smart card

Misted Vitalized Water ​

Spraying Vitalized Water onto your skin assists in the discharging of the electro smog and increases hydration of the skin. Improved skin hydration is known to ACTIVATE COLLAGEN and elastin fibres in the skin creating a MORE YOUTHFUL look

Improving Absorption

Stand your skincare products on top of the Vitalizing Card overnight. You will be amazed on how your skin care products will have improved absorption and enhanced performance.

Vitalizings Card 14

Skin & Beauty Application

Placing skin products on top of the Vitalizing Card for just a few minutes has been shown to improve absorption through the skin

Energize with Vitalizing Card