Training is important to play your favorite sports

By Daniele Pais – April 08 2020

It’s important to eat well and play sports to stay healthy. The saying “you are what you eat” definitely applies here. When you are not eating well, you cannot function properly or live as well as you could. In short: you need to eat right and play sports.

However, if you want to build up your body, eating well alone won’t be enough and soon you’ll realize that one of the first areas to focus on is your skeletal muscles. The skeletal muscles include your ribs, stomach, back, shoulders, etc. All of these are involved when you lift, move, or bend. The involuntary muscles are the muscles that are kept in constant use throughout your life. Examples of these would be the abdominal muscles, and the hamstrings (back of thighs). These muscles are constantly being used.

So, to keep your skeletal muscles in top shape, you need to train and exercise them. One great way to build up your muscles is with strength training (going to the gym), and weight training (through weight machines, or free weights). Both of these types of exercises will help build up your muscles, but the key is to do it regularly, and to vary the weights you use, and work your muscles with each exercise. This is how you develop your muscular system, by going to the gym, lifting weights, and adding weight to your exercises every so often, building up your smooth muscles, as well as your larger, stronger ones.

To keep your voluntary muscles in good shape, too, it is necessary to do the same thing, but to do it more often. Your voluntary muscles are your legs, back, hips, and shoulders. They are the ones that are used whenever you move your body or do physical activities. Your involuntary muscles are your arms, wrists, back, shoulders, etc.

If you want to develop strong, smooth muscles throughout your body, both your voluntary and involuntary muscles, then it is necessary to exercise. By exercising regularly, your muscles will be strengthened, they will become bigger, and they will work harder. This means that both your involuntary and your voluntary muscles will be working together, making your body stronger. The stronger your entire body becomes, the more smooth muscles you will have. If your sport requires you to throw a ball around (not just throw but throw), having strong, smooth muscles is extremely important, because it is through these muscles that the ball is thrown successfully, with minimal effort, and in a safe way.

Also, if you play sports like football, basketball, softball, tennis, etc., you need to be healthy or you won’t be performing at best. Having healthy, strong voluntarily muscles is necessary for you to be able to do well on your game. Healthy voluntary muscles make up 90% of your skeletal muscles, so having strong, smooth muscles in this area will allow you to do your sport well. If you don’t have strong, smooth muscles, you won’t be able to perform your game as well as others. So, if you want to play sports this requirements are paramount for you.

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